Design Options

The rich appearance of Exterior Insulation & Finishing Systems bears a resemblance to stucco or stone, but the systems are far more versatile than these and other materials. EIFS can be made with finishes of any custom color, and a number of textures are available for the home owner to choose from. Due to the flexibility of the material it can be made to look like stone or traditional stucco. Almost any desired shape can be formed with EIFS.

Architectural details such as columns, moldings , and  arches that are expensive with other forms of construction, can be created with EIFS is a much more cost efficient manner.

Stucco Building

Trained EIFS contractors use computers to produce the designs. From these they use machines to cut the foam. This is then affixed to the wall, covered with EIFS base coat, EIFS mesh and then finish coat.


Energy Savings

Exterior Insulation & Finishing Systems have strong insulating properties. Its works by covering and sealing the exterior of the building. This reduces movement of air from the outside by up to 55%, when compared to other types of construction,  thus decreasing energy consumption.  Other forms of insulation leave gaps that air passes through. One of the largest losses of heating or cooling for a home is through its walls. by remedying this the home owner can see a significant savings in energy consumption.

Please see the link below for an analysis of energy usage in EIFS homes published by MoistureBond Warranty.

Energy Usage Analysis-EIFS vs. Brick © 2001 MoistureBond Warranty


Easy Maintenance

There is a low level of upkeep required with Exterior Insulation & Finishing Systems. They rarely become dirty or produce mold. If it does, it is easy to clean by hosing with water. Paint does not need to be reapplied as the materials possess fade resistance. This is a big advantage of other types of construction. Also the color cannot be rubbed or scratched off as it is mixed into the finish coat.

Washing Stucco Building

Water damage is not an issue when EIFS are constructed by a properly skilled contractor. A water drainage system should be included to allow water to escape and not become trapped in the wall where it can cause damage. When occasionally it does happen it is usually isolated to a small area and easy to repair by a qualified professional. it is recommended though that as part of maintenance on the building that the flashing ans sealing is checked and any necessary repairs made straight away.

With concrete and brick buildings cracking can be an issue due to changing temperatures and movement. EIFS solves this problem with its high degree of flexibility. The layer of foam and mesh stretch and the base coat and finish coat contain polymers that allow the exterior to flex.